Unique Window Services PTY LTD
Unique Window Services Pty Ltd offers Window and Door maintenance, repairs and hardware throughout Sydney and Regional NSW.

We have been involved in the Window and Door, Hardware, and Fabrication industry for over 25 years in Australia.
As a family, we have been involved in the Australian Building, Window and Hardware industries continuously for over 40 years.

Some of our services include, but are not limited to maintenance and / or replacement of:
  • Spiral Sash Balances, Sash Cord and Spring Balances, as used in some Double-Hung Windows
  • Sliding Door Rollers
  • Draft Strips and Vinyls
  • Locks and Handles for Doors and Windows
Please see our Repair Type Description page for a more extensive list of services we can provide.

Don't see a service that suits the repair you need? Or are you looking for custom-made or out-of-production hardware?
Please contact us via our online form, or call us to see how we can help you.

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