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Who we are

We have always been a small local business, but with extensive experience in fabrication, installation, repair and restoration of all types of Window and Doors. We are employed by builders, architects, real estate agents, strata managers, facility maintenance groups, school property maintenance managers and residential home owners to repair or restore their windows and doors.

We offer fair and reasonable prices, and will come out to your site when requiring a detailed quotation. Many customers enquiries can be answered with an approximate verbal quotation on the telephone. Our business prides itself on transparency, reliability and good quality workmanship. We will always seek to give you options about the different types of work you can have carried out and our best estimate on their current costs.

We value our customer's feedback and a large majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals via word of mouth and we pride ourselves in delivering the care and patience that is needed to work on new installation, replacement, repair work or Heritage windows and doors.

A twelve month warranty is placed on work carried out as well as industry required warranties on new windows and doors manufactured and hardware manufacturer warranties for 3rd party hardware installed.

Customers Include:

  • Dept. of Defence Facility Maintenance Contractors
  • NSW Public Works Dept.
  • NSW Public Schools Facility Maintenance Contractors
  • Private Colleges/Schools Maintenance
  • University Facilities Maintenance (both directly, through the NSW PWD and Facilities Maintenance Contract Holders)
  • Strata and Company Title Buildings
  • Commercial Offices and Private Residences

Please Consider:

Under the Current NSW State Govt requirement (in addition to current NCC requirements) coming into force in for the limited travel of accessible windows for children. Install child safety locks and fixed sash travel limit devices to a non deflection of opening 100mm - 110mm.

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