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Colonial, Margin or Federation Bars

Powdercoated Aluminium Colonial Bars

Do you have a plain box frame sash or panel and think it may look good as a colonial or federation?
As a test you can apply white electrical tape or light grip adhesive masking tape to the glass in straight lines and stand back to see how it may look.

In some buildings, the inside of the windows were fitted with removable Plastic Colonial Bar. The plastic can degrade over time in direct sunlight.
We offer a powdercoated aluminium Colonial Bar that can be cut to size for any particular glass panel's daylight opening, so long as there is adequate access to both sides of the window.
The application of powdercoated colonial bars allows an owner to change their timber, steel or aluminium window or Door surface colour and have colonial bars made to be applied in a complementary or contrasting colour of their choosing.
If you are interested in this add on feature please contact us for information.

Flyscreens or Screen Doors

Replacement of mesh to existing flyscreens or screen doors if the screen framework is sound
Manufacture new extruded aluminium flyscreens for windows or screen doors in a variety of surface finishes and mesh to suit requirements or building codes.

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