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Replacement of Door Closers to Hinged of Pivot Doors

We offer a service to remove and replace Hydraulic Door Closers
Door Closers can be
  • Surface Mounted
  • Concealed in an Overhead transom. (Mounted inside the horizontal frame behind a cover plate).
  • Floor Spring Closers (where you see a plate fixed to the ground at the bottom pivot point of the door)
  • Back check fire rated closers
  • 90 degree or 105 degree hold open closers

Many door closers are replaced by a single tradesman. Where a door leaf has to be removed from the opening in order to replace the concealed closer we follow correct WH&S procedures. Some door leaves are light enough for a single man on site to manoeuvre or lift safely but many door leaves exceed permissible single man weights so 2 men will attend to these repairs.

Please call or email if you have need of further information on this service.

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