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We can provide and additionally source glazing services during the repair work phase for all timber or aluminium windows and doors.
Most older style windows were originally fitted with 2mm - 4mm ( originally graded in ounces per/) clear glass.
This provides little noise reduction or insulation, it is also very easily broken and can be unsafe if easily reached by children or pets. January 2006 saw significant Australian Standard glazing code changes that must be adhered to in the replacement of glass. Current standards relevant to all work carried out is a works procedure checklist item.

We can usually retro fit new styles of glass to old windows and even sometimes double glaze existing windows. Changes may include the rebate detail in a timber sash to a different vinyl or wedge combination in aluminium sashes.

Types of services or glass:

Re-Puttying of sash windows
Re-Glazing of sash windows
Safety Glass
Laminated Glass
Toughened Glass
Obscured Glass
Low Emissivity Coated Glass (Low E)
Double Glazed Units- Note: units can incorporate different types of glass in each unit and will be custom made to suit your exact needs.

Install laminated/Acoustic/low E/ Safety glass in traditional double hung windows for sound reduction, more thermal insulation and Improved home safety.
Do you live on a busy, dusty and noisy road?
Have you got old or thin glass with brittle putty that rattles when the wind blows from just that angle?
Does your window let in the cold and the heat and rattle when the wind blows, is the timber box frame sash visibly coming apart at the corners?

There are many glass combinations available to meet the aesthetic and safety requirements in your windows and doors. There are of course limitations in some areas due to high wind loads or legal impact safety requirements that may limit the glass to be used.
Clear or Tinted/ Reflective Films applied to the glass can additionally be considered as an option thermally, aesthetically and for safety compliance.

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