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Maintenance and Repairs

Mobile Maintenance, Repair & Troubleshooting Service

For Aluminium, Steel, Timber Windows & Doors and their respective styles or types of operating equipment.
HiRise, Residential, Commercial, Educational or Military Site Buildings

Repairs to Double Glazed Awning Windows - Stays, Locks or Hinge mechanisms and winders

There has been a great increase in the installation of Double Glazed windows in NSW.
For Example: The awning sash frames in some cases are glazed with up to a 32mm IGU, potentially with glass thickness combinations a sash at 1100mm High by 800mm Wide may weigh up to or beyond 50KG.

Window Types Serviced

Replace Chain Winders - non locking, key locking or restricted travel
Sliding (Horizontal/ side to side)
Double Hung (sliding Vertical/ up and down)
Hopper(pull in top) / Awning (push out at sill)
Casement (push out to side like a door)
Vertical or horizontal pivot framed
Fixed panels (includes locked panels, move only for limited access or to clean the outside of the glass)
  • Sash Cords
  • Spiral Sash Balances
  • Spring Balances
  • Steel Window Casement Winders
  • Locks and Handles
  • Draft Strips and Glazing Vinyls
  • Truth (USA) Casement Winders for Timber or Aluminium

Doors Types Serviced

Hinged, including French Doors, Bi Fold or Classroom Dividers

Remove and replace Draft Strips or Vinyl
Replace Window or Door Locks
Sliding Door Rollers, Sill or Top Hung
Commercial Doors - Replace Hydraulic Door Closers, Hinges, Locks or Floor Springs

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