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Repair Type Descriptions

Windows and Doors are made up of many fixed and moving parts that need to be maintained

Replace Rope Sash Cords and pulleys with weights
Replace Spiral sash Balances
Replace Spring Balances
Replace Awning and Casement Window Stays/Hinges
Aluminium and many modern timber framed hinged windows use a scissor style hinge system (termed a stay- 2 bar, 4 bar etc) to open, hold & close.
Older style friction and non friction galvanised or brass hinge (stays) if not cleaned occasionally they can quickly become sticky and will eventually be strained and damaged and keep free of paint or wasp nests, dirt etc.
The build up of debris or the seizing and lack of full operation of the stay may see you start to have a small gap between the opening sash and the window frame. In awnings or casements this is a major cause of air leakage or drafty windows.
We can supply and install a wide selection of hinges or stays that will suit your window requirements
Replace Hook Hinges for Awning timber windows
Replace Chain Winders
Operate many awning window brands
Replace Steel Casement Winders
Typically KM Steel Casement Windows requiring casement winders and guide tracks under the swing out sash.
Replace Truth (USA) winders and associated hardware
Used in Recent manufacture timber awning or casement windows
Replace Rollers or wheels in sliding windows and sliding doors
Replace locks or handles to windows and doors
Replace Door closers
Floor spring, Overhead Concealed transom and surface mounted
Replace Flushbolts and hinge systems in hinged or bifold doors
Draft Strip replacemnt
Remove and replace polypropylene backed pile or engineered foam insert draft strips in frame sections of windows or doors
Replace Fire Egress Bars or Panic Bars to doors
Internal or External surface mounted Systems

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