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Timber Window and Door Maintenance

Most timber windows are designed to open freely. Combining many years of weather with multiple coats of paint building up sometimes windows stop functioning correctly or become seized in place.
For nearly all windows as long as they don't have rotten framework the repair to bring back the correct operation is a relatively easy fix.

Services that we provide wil vary with each specific site or job

Repairs to box frame sash/double hung windows-
  • Replace failed and rotten box frame sashes, during the process of window repair
  • Replace Sash Cords - Rope or Wire
  • Re-Weighting of sash weights for when a windows glass has been replaced thicker to new glazing code changes
  • Supply and instal new Spiral Sash Balances
  • Draft proofing- installation and replacement of draft strips
  • Replacement timber box sash frames (where old ones have rotted)
  • Glazing Beads- Assorted Timber Beads, Internal Stop and Parting Beads
  • Traditional sash windows utilised quality local and imported timbers including quality hardwood sills. Joiners made windows and doors to last. Once repaired your traditional windows should go on again for years before repair is required given correct maintenance procedures being followed.
Draft Proofing
Considered ENERGY EFFICIENT window improvements?
Brush polypropylene pile or engineered Coated Foam draft excluder profiles installed in new cedar beading will aid in reducing or eliminating drafts or rattles and assist in creating thermal insulation, for energy efficient, and smooth sliding, long lasting windows.

Obviously all repairs are unique,
So please feel free to contact us regarding your window and we usually can assist you as to whether a quotation to repair or replace is required.
In most windows we can replace sash frames without the need for removing the entire window.
Please Note
Replacement of draft strips or OEM (original fabrication size) installed seals in windows or doors with the original sized seals usually achieves a very good result. There are other factors in the window/building overall combination that can alter the result or may not be feasible to conduct due to frame corrosion or building movement causing frame movement. Whilst all care is taken to achieve the best possible result for the age (taking into consideration time in service and actual wear in components) and style of the window or door, we cannot guarantee to be able to eliminate all rattles, or drafts.
We do not conduct waterproofing services.

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